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Benefiting the YMCA Schools' Breakfast Program

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet one in six Queensland kids don’t get breakfast at home" – ABS, 2013

Children who don’t eat breakfast are disadvantaged by hunger and poor nutrition. In the short term, these children don’t pay attention and therefore don’t learn as well as others during class. In the long term, they don’t reach their academic potential which increases the risk of poor employment outcomes. Additionally, children who skip breakfast have lower nutrient intakes and are also more likely to be have an unhealthy BMI.

“All too often students come to school very hungry. Some students come from a very dysfunctional background. At times there may be no food at home and consequently they are unable to concentrate in class.” – Participating School

The YMCA Schools’ Breakfast Program commenced in September 2006 within five state schools in the heart of Logan, deemed by Education Queensland as ‘most in need’ of a breakfast program.

Today the breakfast program supports over 88 schools across the greater Logan, Brisbane South, Gold Coast, Ipswich, Beaudesert and Inala areas, providing over 50,000 free breakfast meals each month as part of the YMCA’s commitment to the community.