Event Format: Team - 4 Ball Ambrose

Each team has four players. Each player hits off the tee, the best shot is then selected by the team and all other players then hit from the location of the chosen shot, balls must be placed within 30cm (not nearer the hole), alongside the best ball. Each player then hits a second shot from the same spot and so on. This continues until the ball is in the hole. On the putting green the best ball is marked and the other balls are played from the exact position. One best ball total score is thus recorded on each hole for the team. This is the sum of the best shots used throughout the hole. During the course of the round (18 Holes) each member of the team must have at least 3 drives or tee shots recorded to their name. If names are not recorded on scorecards teams will be given a 4 stroke penalty. So if you have a beginner golfer in your group it may be prudent to use their drives early in the round so as to not put pressure on them as the rounds concludes.

General Rules

  • Men will use the white tee markers and ladies will use the red markers
  • Maximum handicap for men is 24 and 36 for ladies
  • Players who do not have a handicap on their scorecards will play off scratch
  • Placing is allowed only on fairways (30cm not nearer the hole)
  • Players can tee off in any order
  • Teams select a captain at the start who is responsible for his team’s preferred shot selection, scoring and rules.
  • The location of the selected shot must be marked with a golf tee so other players can hit from the same spot. Members of the team may play their shots in any order.
  • 2 players from each team (1 per cart) must keep the team gross score, compare and agree on team scores after each hole.


  • If the chosen ball lies on your own fairway, the other member of your group may place their ball up to 30cm length away, not nearer the hole.
  • If the chosen ball lies in another fairway, the rough or any hazard (bunker etc.), the other player’s ball must be dropped from shoulder height within one club length from the chosen ball, not nearer the hole.
  • During the round each member of the team must have their tee shot used at least 3 times & marked on the card with their initials when selected.
  • The team handicap is 1/8 of the combined handicaps for the 4 team members.
  • Teams record their gross score per hole, we will then subtract the team handicaps at the end to give you a net team score for the round.
  • Please sign and hand in 2 x team score cards at the end of the round to the person in charge at the registration table in the clubhouse.

Be considerate to all other groups

Please do not hit if the group in front of you are still in driving range or are still on the green.

Max 3 min allowed to find lost balls

Repair the Course as you go

Replace divots (please carry and use sand buckets).